The “quit your job” Lie

How to use other people

Just finished listening to an episode of the Suitcase Entrepreneur. I hear Jeff talking, and all I can think is – “what a freaking fraud“.  As if quitting your job is a perfect solution for everything. There were always  people who benefitted from other people’s “pain”. In today’s world, it’s easier than ever. All you have to do is start a podcast or a blog, sell your coaching system, sell your eBooks and sell your webinars. And you don’t even have to look for an audience – suffering people will find you. You just have to sell them “No time to see your family? Quit your job and start your business!” ,”Can’t fly to an exotic island for one-month vacation? No problem – quit your job and start your business!”,”Hate working for other people?! Well, this is your lucky day, quit your job and start your business!”

quit your job in 2 easy steps

quit your job in 2 easy steps

And there are thousands of those quit-your-job gurus. I remember the first time I read the book “Rich dad, poor dad!” – I was ecstatic, I was motivated, I felt like I could conquer the world and that everything was possible. I started buying rest of Robert Kiyosaki’s  material. But I quickly found out that it’s the same thing over and over again. Never providing any specifics on how to make the freaking money. A pile of generic garbage – “everything is possible to learn”,”marketing and sales are just a skill”,”you have to take risks”,”escape the rat race”. He is a fraud – he became rich by abusing other people’s lives and selling them dreams.

However, I did find a “real” guru while reading Kiyosaki’s books – Napoleon Hill. I really thought for a long time that “Think and Grow Rich” was the best book I’ve ever read. I vividly remember the “high” I felt after reading the book. I’ve been rereading it recently – I know many people think it is an authentic and a great piece of work that created a lot of millionaires. But when I read the following: “Through a method of procedure, unknown to man, the subconscious mind draws upon the forces of Infinite Intelligence for the power with which it voluntarily transmutes one’s desires into their physical equivalent…”   – I can’t imagine what I actually loved about that new-age-spiritual-randomly-generated crap.

Quit your job if you want to work harder

Yes – there are cases when people become rich fast. Yes – there are cases when people invest little or no effort to make millions. Yes – we mostly hear about those. But those cases are really not so common even though we hear about them. The real statistics shows that out of 200 companies less than 1% will be successful.

People should tell you the truth:

  • You want  to work less? Don’t quit your job!
  • You want to spend more time with your family? Don’t quit your job!
  • You want to have more time and improve your health? Don’t quit your job!
  • You want to stop working for other people? Don’t quit your job!
  • You want more money? Don’t quit your job!

This is the real face of the people that suggesting you to quit your job – “Wolf of Wall Street” – because all they really want in 95% of the time is to sell you their eBooks, coaching sessions or techniques.

The items described above will happen in your startup or your business too. You should be ready to work your ass off, really really hard. You WILL work for other people – be those your clients, your investors or your partners. You will be busy working for your business, and when you’re not working – you are going to be thinking about working on your business. So as much as you might love your family, you will have less time for them if you quit your job. The chance of success is low; if you’re an experienced professional in your field, the chances you’ll be paid as much as your job pays as soon as your start your business are extremely low.

Quitting your job will not solve problems in your life and will not make you that happy person running through a flower field in slow motion with butterflies flittering all around and the sunset in the background.

Quitting your job has only one good perk – it will make you hungry for success because once you’re out of your job you have to make your business/startup work. It will activate your survival instincts. Otherwise, you’ll have to go back to your job and admit your failure. Quitting your job will make you focus on your goal.

So what motivates you to quit your job?
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2 thoughts on “The “quit your job” Lie

  1. Matt says:

    Sometimes it not about “make easy money” (this is how all these books and seminars describe it, and there is no such thing as easy money at all).
    Sometimes it’s about what exactly are you going to do with your life? What significant did you do or going to do? How people going to remember you? Or even how “secured” your family or people close to you?
    And then it’s a question of resources. What do you need to acomplish that? How much time/money/coffee/health (?) do you need to drink, eat or earn?

    And only then… You need to start thinking how are you going to get these resources that will help accomplish your dreams and make something really significant for yourself, for people around you and who knows, may be for the entire generation (btw, Elon musk is a very good example for this).

  2. Loved the last paragraph, that’s indeed the juice.
    By quitting your you can probably focus and put all your energy into one single thing that needs that attention, it can be a start-up, or your family, or trying your luck as a musician.

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