Building Almost Done

Missing Opportunities, Life and a Little Hackathon

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It’s been a while since my last post and many things happened since we first encounter our local competition.

What’s the point of managing a personal journey blog if I’m not going to be honest? In spite of all the motivation, working and watching your competition is kind of depressing and definitely takes away your focus. At first, it’s scary Continue reading

your competitors won't wait

Protect your blog

I am famous… Oh, not yet?

So I was checking my daily statistics to make sure that Google bot, Bing bot and Yandex bot checked-in today. And “my oh my” what do I see? hundreds of visits and tens of visitors. “Well, that happened before, when my post got retweeted several times” – I thought to myself. So I decided to check what those visitors are reading.

They were reading ‘/xmlrpc.php’. At this point, I realised I am being attacked. Continue reading

ideas are worthless unless you sell them

Ideas are worthless, execution is useless, sale is everything

Being a tech guy is a blessing and a curse.

Hundreds of blog posts tell you that “ideas are worthless, execution is everything.” I’ve got news for you. Ideas are just as worthless as execution. If you can’t sell it, it’s all shit. And by selling, I don’t necessarily mean “selling for money.” Even having a free deployment/installation is great.

I have a friend who told me about an idea he had. He observed that queues for all kinds of government institutions – banks, post offices, or anything else – suck. Let’s make something with NFC so you won’t have to take a number and waste time sitting and looking at a screen showing the current number in the queue. After a little analysis, I found that NFC was not the best choice (we lack knowledge,  audience awareness, and faces other technological barriers ) so I decided that QR code would be better. Over coffee, we discussed the prototype I would build.

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your startup idea

Being pregnant with your idea

Having a startup idea is like being in love. You feel like you’ve finally made it (even though you haven’t made it yet). You feel you know something everyone else is missing. You’re excited, intoxicated by the possibility of huge success. Every entrepreneur on earth feels like he’s just invented bread – as if there was no food, and now he’s dreamed up something that everyone will need forever. This is, of course, the best idea in the world because it is YOUR startup idea.

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