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Being pregnant with your idea

Having a startup idea is like being in love. You feel like you’ve finally made it (even though you haven’t made it yet). You feel you know something everyone else is missing. You’re excited, intoxicated by the possibility of huge success. Every entrepreneur on earth feels like he’s just invented bread – as if there was no food, and now he’s dreamed up something that everyone will need forever. This is, of course, the best idea in the world because it is YOUR startup idea.

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your startup idea is the best idea ever

what and how to validate your idea

  • Today most “startup coaches” tell you to validate your idea. Create a landing page with brief explanation of your concept, and let people sign up for more updates. Or create a Facebook group and see how people react. Or do something simple stupid before you actually go and develop it. Or sell the non-existent product and then develop it.

I wonder: would we have Facebook had Mark Z. tried to validate his idea in a simpler way? I mean, how would you even validate it? Would we have a cell phones, xBox or raspberry pi? I mean, what if your simple version for validation just isn’t enough for validation?

  • Other, more advanced startup coaches tell you to create an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It’s interesting when an MVP is actually stops being an MVP and becomes a full-blown P. For example – what is the MVP for fitocracy ? What is the MVP for a product like anyDo?

  • Then there are the “startup kamikazes” who just go for it. They just program the whole thing, check to see if it works, and then try adapting to the market demand (assuming there is enough money and time for that). But it’s kind of an all-or-nothing approach, which is pretty scary.

Things I hate about having an idea

  • One thing I hate is fighting with my partners about picking the right path once you have an idea. Whether you should test something minimal, or build the full product or do market research.

  • Having multiple ideas at the same time is also super annoying – you just burn your brains for days to pick one. Instead of doing, you are “strategizing”.

  • Discovering that your initial idea is actually not that simple and awesome is very frustrating. It’s like crash-landing from a high you’ve been on for the last several days. You find that you actually have competition, or that your idea presents some thorny some legal issues. You may find that some of the technology is too complex. Or, most annoying, is learning that people can cheat/game/abuse your system in ways that you cannot technologically protect yourself from.

How often you have a startup idea? Where do you get inspiration for ideas? Share your wisdom in comments.



3 thoughts on “your startup idea

  1. Jay says:

    “Discovering that your initial idea is actually not that simple and awesome is very frustrating.”

    I can attest to this. It can be very frustrating to know that you either need to go back to the drawing board or start over with a new idea altogether.

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