When to start ? All you have is now

No tomorrow or Sunday – I will start NOW.

Oh GOD! How hard it is to start something new. It would be 4th or 5th time I am starting a blog. All my previous attempts for making a blog miserably failed with the attempts to loose weight.

I usually started with defining a goals and describing my current condition. But since doing the same things over and over again and expecting different result is insane – I will not start the same way this time.

Stop blogging and start doing:

There is a great book that I really love – it’s called stop talking and start doing, and in this book there’s couple of key ideas that I really love:

  • Any pain outweighs regret
  • You can only start now to act and affect your future.

This time I’ll take things slow and accelerate as I move on.


Ok – something simple – walking and drinking.

Starting this moment – I am going to drink on daily basis 1.5 lt  of water and do 10,000 steps ( easy and achievable for starting ).

BTW – do you use any helpful app for tracking steps or water? Write in the comments below.




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