free to do anything

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything you are free to do anything” – great line by Chuck Palaniuk in Fight Club.

I wonder whether you can really be successful with a startup while having a job. I wonder whether you can devote yourself to an ambitious idea that will transform the world and simultaneously have a normal healthy relationship. I wonder how many things you must dismiss in your life so that one great thing – your startup – will be born.

It's only after we've lost everything that we are free to do anything

Free to do anything


Is it possible that people who keep their jobs fail at their “side-project” because they didn’t let go? Because having that backup job prevented them from making the brave choices and insane decisions they had to make? Did that job hold them back?

Is keeping a job while launching a startup like trying to learn to swim while holding the side of the swimming pool until you become great, and then competing at the Olympics?


Is it possible that many people don’t care enough to never become financially free? Or are they so preoccupied with home and family routines that they don’t want to do something more than live an average life?


I’ve lost my relationship – and with it, a hope for a normal one.

I’ve given notice to my manager that I will be starting my own thing, and that he has two months to find someone to replace me.

I’m going back to live on the couch at my parents’ house so I can save some money and get more breathing space for my startup.


Sound familiar? Please share the sacrifices you’ve made to make your startup work.



One thought on “free to do anything

  1. Jay says:

    I’ve never made any sacrifices to make a startup work, but I have taken a leap of faith to pursue God’s purpose for my life.

    It wasn’t an easy decision to make and it can be trying at times, but there is nothing like the peace of knowing you’re on the right path, heading toward the right destination and with the right One leading you.

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