A lot to learn – AngularJS, Twitter Bootstrap, PS, PSD2HTML ,etc.

Cognitive dissonance

In the last few weeks, I’ve been learning a lot about Photoshop, Bootstrap, AngularJS, PSD to HTML, and CSS, and probably a bunch of other stuff that just bounced off my brain.

Learning is awesome. Usually on job training means that you’re trying to learn the minimum necessary to understand, implement it, test it, go live.If something is broken, you learn the minimum needed to fix it and get back to the million other things on your plate. Now I finally have the opportunity to really sit, learn and practice.

On the other hand, when clock is ticking and is money slowly decreasing, sitting and learning might make you feel idle and unproductive. When I’m in that position I always hear a little voice inside me saying, “Learn now, because later you won’t have that luxury!” Meanwhile, another voice yells, “Are you freakin’ insane? Start coding!”

If you’re like me, you can’t just read a book. You need something more visual to learn. So here are some of the better online resources that I’ve used and what I think of them (Warning: many of them are not free – like most of the good stuff in life.)

books on the shelf

Learning a lot is part of the fun


  • codeacademy is a great source for learning  HTML, CSS, javascript and angularJS.
  • codeschool has two courses – shaping up with angular which is simple, engaging, easy to follow. And if you are total angular noob like me – it’s highly recommended ( partly because it’s FREE ).
  • The other course – staying sharp with angular,  was lot’s of fun, but went to deep too fast. It was hard to follow. Overall I personally don’t recommend it.
  • www.yearofmoo.com  – is a great site with lots of great AngularJS related articles.
  • building a single page web app with AngularJS by packtpub video, it’s OK. Not horribly bad, bur not amazing either, especially because the guy has a horrible accent and he’s doing some kind of unexpected voice-over fixes that are really disturbing. The content itself is at a good level and easy to follow.
  • learning AngularJS also from packtpub video… in one word – NO. In four words: there are better sources.
  • egghead – I personally didn’t really like him – but, so many people recommend it that I just feel that he has to be on the list. It’s not free, and once you register to the site you will be spammed.
  • Lynda.com – up and running with AngularJS – is a good short course about basics of Angular. It’s not worth enrolling in Lynda for it, but if you already have a subscription, it’s worth your time.


  • Here’s one of the best documentations – simple, easy to read, and has great examples. Just grab, customize and use.
  • Codeschool again – this time with a bootstrap course. Once you finish this course you will code simple web pages that don’t look totally horrible in about two hours.

Photoshop, design and PSD to HTML.

  • Fundamentals of design -I didn’t know anything about design. Actually, I still don’t know much, but this is a great course! It explains the concepts of color scheme, visual hierarchy, and a bit about typography and balance.
  • Udemy – how to be web designer freelancer  is a nice course. It’s really long and a bit outdated in terms of examples. But the basic techniques are explained well and based on real-world scenarios.
  • Udemy – Master Web Design in Photoshop – same trainer as the previous item. It’s the follow-up course. It offers plenty of updated information regarding flat design, user engagement, fonts and custom graphic licenses.
  • Udemy – PSD to HTML5/CSS3: Hand Code a Beautiful Website in 4-Hours! The name of the course is definitely overselling and misleading. Too many complex topics are “skipped” to save video time. Still, it gives a good understanding of how the “PSD to HTML” process works. With my decent understanding of twitter bootstrap, I was able to make something decent.
  • nice and free project  – again if you’re good at just reading material – it’s a nice one to read about design and user experience.

(A general note regarding Udemy courses – they cost A LOT – so don’t buy them. Sign up to Udemy and wait. Almost every month Udemy makes insane discounts – like all the courses for $10. That’s how I buy them.)

This post was a little longer than usual, but I hope you find the information useful. If you have additional sources – video or interactive training – I’d love to know about them.

P.S. I am surprised that I’ve actually passed the 10th-post barrier. Usually I’m not that persistent. I typically quit writing a blog at the 5th or 8th post – so kudos to me.



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