your startup idea

Being pregnant with your idea

Having a startup idea is like being in love. You feel like you’ve finally made it (even though you haven’t made it yet). You feel you know something everyone else is missing. You’re excited, intoxicated by the possibility of huge success. Every entrepreneur on earth feels like he’s just invented bread – as if there was no food, and now he’s dreamed up something that everyone will need forever. This is, of course, the best idea in the world because it is YOUR startup idea.

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free to do anything

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything you are free to do anything” – great line by Chuck Palaniuk in Fight Club.

I wonder whether you can really be successful with a startup while having a job. I wonder whether you can devote yourself to an ambitious idea that will transform the world and simultaneously have a normal healthy relationship. I wonder how many things you must dismiss in your life so that one great thing – your startup – will be born.

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Failing at start(up)

The promise

As many young-adults (yes that how I want to think of myself) I was feed by ‘do your own business – that leads to freedom‘ propaganda.

We all hear about hundreds of startup companies that begin with nothing and become multi million / billion companies.

We all read books about “rich dad, poor dad”  and “4 hours work week” , and so many blogs about failures but eventual success of entrepreneurs.

So it make us feel inspired, makes us feel that we all destined to be special, unique and successful.

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